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Let your team concentrate on building relationships with your customers while CRMit takes care of the rest.
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About Us

What if you had a one-stop shop that lets you take care of your Customer Relationship Management needs and your IT? 

CRMit provides customized, integrated CRM and IT services to provide holistic solutions for your business. With over two decades of proven experience providing Maximizer CRM Solutions, CRMit helps you cut through the noise of irrelevant data to drive customer interactions that matter – even while you’re on the go. Our host of IT services ensures a smooth workflow in both customer-facing and non-customer-facing aspects of your business. 

Why CRMit

No more missed opportunities or IT downtime.

Maximizer CRM

  • Customized CRM software with Maximizer
  • Customized Maximizer set-up and integration
  • Seamless mobile Maximizer integration with on-premises Maximizer
  •  On-site and remote Maximizer training for your entire team

Technology Infrastructure

  • Purchase and upkeep of hardware including desktops, laptops, and more
  • Network infrastructure set-up and maintenance including routers, switches, LAN, and more
  • On-premise servers, cloud servers, and hybrid servers for optimum efficiency 
  • Infrastructure upgrades


  • Cloud services
  • Email hosting and management
  • Software installation
  • Data backups
  • Operating systems
  • Cybersecurity packages and upgrades

Managed IT Services:

  • Troubleshoot issues 
  • Scale computer systems and networks
  • Secure cloud hosting services to reduce server costs
  • Protection against cyber security attacks
  • Data backup
  • Infrastructure upgrades

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Keep your systems operating at their best 24/7 with managed IT services that includes security, software, troubleshooting, updates, and more.

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Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure

Expand your computers and network systems as your business grows – including purchasing and installation of new network hardware, computers, or servers.

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Integrated IT Solutions

Complete IT solutions including servers, network, cloud, email, software installation, back- ups, IT vendor management, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, IoT and...

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CRM IT | male

“Ken David and CRM IT were critical in helping our organization modernize its ageing CRM platform and consolidate all our membership data into a single unified Maximizer platform. Ken in particular has been tireless and dogged in helping us design, deploy, and maintain our Maximizer system while also working with our all our teams to provide training and support upon our launch. His knowledge of the Maximizer system is unparalleled, and he has helped us to work with Maximizer directly to ensure that if an issue did come up, it was addressed quickly and accurately. Ken is a complete professional and I would highly recommend his services to any organization looking to move off their current CRM or are looking to deploy a brand-new CRM and are looking to launch with Maximizer.”

Dustin Crockett | The Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Dustin Crockett
CRM IT | woman

Without Maximizer, we wouldn’t have been able to grow our database as quickly as we have done. There is no way that you can run a company like ours without a tool like Maximizer CRM

Charity Holden | Business Dev. Manager

Charity Holden
CRM IT | man

Maximizer is the sales and operations backbone of our company that’s enabling us to provide a seamless experience to our clients throughout each of their life stages.

Matt Welykholowa | VP Operation

Matt Welykholowa

We have been working with CRMit for all our IT needs for over 10 years. I am greatly satisfied with their level of service and promptness in addressing any of our IT requirements. Having CRMit as a resource means I don’t have to worry about all things IT so we can concentrate on the business. They know and understand our business and advise us accordingly. I highly recommend CRMit, you will not be disappointed.

Jas Salh | Senior Wealth Advisor

CRM IT | man

Having been a client of CRMit for over 20 years, I highly recommend them for their IT services and expertise. Throughout the years, and as our company continues to grow, CRMit has competently managed all our IT needs. They are true professionals by responding promptly to service requests. CRMit comes with our very highest of recommendations.

Doug Holmes | CEO & Founder