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CRMit will take care of the rest.

Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket is a good thing. CRM software and IT services are intertwined in so many ways. That’s why CRMit is your one-stop shop that takes care of your Customer Relationship Management needs and your IT, providing holistic solutions for your business.

With over two decades of proven experience providing Maximizer CRM Solutions, CRMit helps you cut through the noise of irrelevant data to drive customer interactions that matter – even while you’re on the go. Our host of IT services ensures a smooth workflow in both customer-facing and non-customer-facing aspects of your business. 

About CRMit

CRMit has been providing on-premise and cloud CRM and IT solutions to financial services, manufacturing, property management, real estate, and B2B companies of all sizes.

We tailor Maximizer CRM to meet a wide range of client needs, including data analysis, conversion and import into Maximizer, custom reports, on-site and remote training for all experience levels, and privacy assessments. 

We are experts in deploying Maximizer for mobile teams including solution design, integration and sync with the on-premise Maximizer, and training so that your employees can access their data from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

We believe in providing outstanding hands-on support and client attention by resolving issues fast – we want you to stay focused on your work instead of software problems. Very often, we can resolve your problems while we discuss them on the phone.

We are located near Vancouver, Canada, and have happy clients all over North America.

Our People

Ken David

Ken David

Owner, and chief guru at CRMit, Ken David has been working in the CRM industry since 1997 as a Certified Maximizer Business Partner. 

“Not only do I sell and support Maximizer solutions, but I’m also a power user. I rely on Maximizer for account and task management in my own business. From my experience, I can say this product is amazing. Among other things, I have seen it used to plan a wedding, to manage a fleet of vehicles, to track donors in a non-profit, and manage rental properties. Maximizer is much, much more than a sales contact tool. It delivers huge benefits in any industry.”

Steve Wu

Steve Wu

Friendly and well-experienced, Steve Wu has been working in the IT industry since 1995.  He is efficient and highly competent in servicing IT environments.  Whether administering single-users or enterprise-level networks, Steve always responds in a timely and professional manner.

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